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  I'm Tamara, 25 y.o., from Rovne, I like to see harmony in everything in this life and in my own life first of all. Nice people to 
communicate with interesting places to see. We live this life only one time - and it must not be 
boring. So I always make some new ways to make my life and life of people that surround me be more fun and more bright. My friends often say to me you should not do that, each time when I am making some nice surprise to them. But doing something nice for people that are close to you is the greatest and the most interesting thing that you can do in your life I believe it. Though at this moment in my life I lack the one for whom I would be able to give the most part of my positive energy - my beloved. I wait you!   I'm Nataliya, 28 y.o., from Nikolaev, I am a kindhearted, nice and cheerful young lady. I like to be around my nearest and dearest friends. Loneliness is not for me. I love children and I think I will make a good mother. Faithfulness is my strong point. I know what I want from life and am heading for that.   I'm Lubov, 27 y.o., from Nikolaev, I am not looking for a super man here.. I need a man that will make me fly without wings.. I need a man that can warm me every cold night with his passion and love.. I am a woman that is able to brighten your life with emotions unknown to you before. Try this.   I'm Antonina, 26 y.o., from Kirovograd, Here is just a little about me, I consider myself as romantic, honest, loyal, caring and a very big heart full of love for the right person. I believe it is possible for people to experience love at first sight, to do things on the spur of the moment is something I do. I do not think age is very important when 2 people find love in their hearts for each other and should act on this regardless of age, it would be wonderful for me if I could find someone on here to share my life and love with. But we have to be realistic too)   I'm Yana, 29 y.o., from Zaporozhye, love keeping fit and healthy, so I enjoy playing active sports, such as tennis, swimming, bicycle riding and walking. I like dreaming all the time and I am very romantic, I like adventures, music, traveling and dancing. My passions are fitness, pool.  
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Randy and Svetlana Alsup
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Svetlana and I would like to take a moment to say, Thank you for your amazing service. We have found happiness and a loving marriage.  It has been over 3 years from the time we first met through the Origin Club website. God has blessed us very much. We have... [»]

Anastasia and Mitch Rogers
I originally decided to seek a woman from Russia after becoming disappointed with American women. I know that there are wonderful women in America but the ones I met seemed to not be as dedicated to home and family as I wished. I was raised in a traditional southern family in Georgia, USA. After meeting many women and receiving e-mails and chats se... [»]

Potapova Anna and Nasser Towghi
I would like to thank OriginClub for their help in finding my to-be husband in course of all 4 years that I have been a client of this company. I would like to highlight high professional skills and individual attention to every problem that I had. During this time I changed myself for the better not only on the inside, I became more educated, more... [»]

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I am Juliya, 20 y.o. from Kharkov,  I like to meet new people in my life, so I can say that I am also very communicative. I am a dreamy girl, because while drinking my coffee, usually I imagine myself far away at the seaside. By the way, I can be different either serious or very funny girl. My everyday life is always full of energy and action. I like be active and I will never stop np matter what difficulties I have.
I like is cozy atmosphere and good people surrounding me. Of course, I like watching movies and 
listening to music. You will ask what kind of it should be and I can say that very and very 
different, because everything depends on my mood. But I am interested in all latest movies, serials 
and music. Going in for sports is another side of my life. I just try to keep my body fit: 
gymnastics in the mornings and jogging in the evenings.
I am Elena, 23 y.o. from Kherson, I am a sincere, affectionate, tender and kind person. I feel great respect towards men; I think it is a man who is supposed to be a head of the family. I am really amazed to hear about feminism abroad where women try being same strong as men, make their career to be the top priority and forget about family values. I think they are going too far. As for me, I am a fragile and tender woman, and I need love, attentiveness and care, and I hope to see these values in my special man. I would be happy to share all this with my soul mate. I would really like to fill our house with warmth and love, and give my special man lots of affection and care. I have a positive attitude towards life; I like being in a good mood, making jokes and smiling.
I am Elena , 28 y.o. from Kherson, Sweet and positive girl.Good hostess and loving mother. I love to cook and spend time outdoors. All 
free time I spend with my daughter, go together in the pool.
I am Larisa, 20 y.o. from Zaporozhye, Im very joyful and fun-loving. I try to carry everything I do to its conclusion, Im responsible, sociable and sometimes impulsive. I am very responsible and reliable. I like meeting interesting, 
intelligent and talented people. I like to take care of my body. I try to visit the gym regularly. I love dancing. I have a good sense of humor and Im very romantic. My leasure-time I prefer to spend by the sea or with my friends and relatives. My romantic nature seeks for a Man, the only One I would give all my Love to, the one whom I\'ve been waiting for all my life.
I am Ekaterina, 19 y.o. from Kharkov, I consider myself as a cheerful person, full of optimism and energy. I strive for great travel, new 
experiences, unknown horizons and new friends. I always know what I want. Because I believe that the desire is already 50% of success. I am open for new acquaintances. My heart is full of romance. I am looking for true love.
I am Anna, 24 y.o. from Kherson, I can say that I am a very passionate, romantic and trusting nature. I have just a sunny smile and a positive attitude in life! I am the one who always helps close people in troubles
I am Anna, 26 y.o. from Kherson, I\'m extremely creative person! I love life and living happily! I usually like to listen to classical and modern music too. I like to do paintings, I love to draw! I like the adrenaline released in the blood so I jumped with a parachute, went on a motorcycle, dived with my dad! I like many different outdoor activities! I love active vacations! I believe that in life one must see a lot of new and interesting but always remember that the most important thing is a good person close you!
I am Angelica, 22 y.o. from Kherson, What can I say about myself? I am the one who always remains true to myself, I do not like to play because acting is created for the stage but not for life! I am very positive person and always look at life with all its positive side, never afraid of obstacles that come across my path because they make me even stronger and wiser. The most important value in life, I believe is the family, I love children. 
My dream is to create a large and strong family and have a good job which I will bring not only money but pleasure; I want to travel the world with a loved one. At the moment I\'m living a dream but I hope I will find here the person who helps me stay in my dream a reality.
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